Tesla Soul Communication

In Tesla Soul Communication there is an opening of communication between the practitioner and the client through meaning, emotions and images. This  communication is beyond words and the client may receive an insight what is causing his/her health, or other problems. The client may receive messages from the Source and these could be life changing messages.

A Tesla Soul Communication session is most commonly experienced as a distance healing session as it is not necessary for the client to be with the practitioner. The practitioner, using the energy of the Tesla Waves, connects with the client without words to the Conscious Mind, the Unconscious Mind and to the Integrative Mind. This method can help find the reason for the situation or condition a person is experiencing. Symptoms are the way our body’s way communicating with us. A symptom could be the result of a trauma from childhood, some experiences from a previous life, our resistance to accepting some situation, or our struggle to transcend the limitations of some of our belief systems; it could be anything.

The process of Tesla Soul Communication helps us in bringing those issues from the subconscious to the conscious level, where we are able to deal with them and to transcend the problem. The practitioner writes down the messages they receive during the session and passes them on to the client.

Tesla Soul Communication sessions can be experienced as a single session or a series of sessions if the previous session shows there is more to be explored.

The founder of Tesla Metamorphosis® is Anya Petrovic. For more information on Tesla Metamorphosis see the Tesla Metamorphosis website.

“Anybody whose calling is to guide souls should have his/her own soul guided first, so the he/she knows what it means to deal with the human soul.”

C.G. Jung