The words “healing” and “curing” are used interchangeably, but their definitions could not be more different.

Curing is a restoration of health, an absence of symptoms, and a remedy of disease. It’s a return to a previous state of health.

Healing, on the other hand, is a restoration of wholeness — not the level of wholeness before the diagnosis, but a restoration of wholeness that is new, different, and comparatively better than before the onset of disease. Healing is not the removal or cessation of symptoms, but rather an integrative process that transcends the physical; and includes emotional, mental, and spiritual vitality.

It is not necessary to understand the nature of healing for healing to occur but for those who wish to have an understanding it requires adventuring into the cutting edge of science. Our modern medical science is based on the concept of a physical world as described by Issac Newton in the 17th century and has been a great source of technological achievement. This has resulted in great progress in saving lives and repairing injuries but we have ended up in a world of increasing chronic disease and dysfunction with few answers apart from the pharmaceutical interventions to reduce symptoms. Around half the population has a least one chronic disease, many have more than one, and many people live limited lives not only because of the symptoms of their disease(s) but also from the side-effects of their medications. We are reaching the limitations of the practice of curing disease and infirmity.

The way forward from this quagmire is for us to see beyond this rather limited view of the world as seen from the Newtonian perspective, and into the world of healing. There is great resistance in many people, including a large percentage of scientists, to look beyond a mechanistic view of the world. I think the changes necessary to produce a healthier world and healthier life for all living entities will occur when individuals (including scientists) have the courage to look beyond the so called “rational” world view. The Dalai Lama, in the following quote, gives insight into where the leadership for this change can come from:

Western women will save the world

So what is the deeper nature of the universe, the world and all it’s life forms? Science demonstrates that we live in a vast sea of energy. Everything; every atom, every subatomic particle is in constant motion, spinning eternally. Even in the cold, dark absolute vacuum of empty space there exists what new physics is calling the quantum vacuum flux. It is the aether of the ancients (and Tesla), the life force energy of metaphysics. It is the random fluctuations of this vast field of potential in which space and time are embedded and by which all physical matter is created. This is where healing comes from.

Science demonstrates that we live in a vast sea of energy. Everything, every atom, every subatomic particle is in constant motion, spinning eternally.

Albert Einstein and Nikola Tesla described this sea of energy as invisible, boundless, and in perfect order. Everything is made of energy: molecules, bacteria, prescription medicines, and even emotions. Each of our cells pulse electrically, and the body itself emanates electromagnetic fields. The human body is a complex energetic system, composed of hundreds of energetic subsystems. Disease is caused by energetic imbalances; therefore, healing can occur by balancing one’s energies.

The sea of vast potential energy has been given many names throughout the course of history and has been expressed in the languages of the great wisdom traditions of humanity. More modern terminology for this field of energy and information, which Tesla referred to as the aether, are such terms as; zero point energy, dark energy, quantum vacuum flux,vacuum energy, quantum field or simply The Field.

In Tesla Metamorphosis, healing is the connection between the conscious intelligence of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies of the person and the field of vast potential energy using the energies and information of the Tesla Waves. The cells of our body transmit, receive and store photons of light (photons can be thought of as “particles” of light containing energy and information). Any imbalance in the flow of energy within the body can be measured as a decrease in the coherence of this light i.e. the light becomes more chaotic. The light of Tesla Waves contain energy and information which has the effect of helping to restore balance to the flow of energy at all levels.

The Tesla Metamorphosis practitioner is not a healer, as all healing is a connection between the client and the ‘aether’, but a facilitator of the flow of energy and information of the Tesla Waves to enhance this connection.

Distance Healing

“There are several phenomena in physics that could mediate healing at a distance. For example, scalar waves (Tesla Waves) have the extraordinary property of affecting the structure of space everywhere, instantaneously. Scalar waves therefore do not have a velocity as such, and their effects do not diminish with distance. Now that there is growing evidence for healing at a distance, as well as the benefits of prayer, the scalar wave is being reexamined for its possible role in mediating such phenomena. This is important because many of the complimentary therapies are discovering that healing work that can be done locally can also be done at a distance.” James Oschman Ph.D from Science and The Human Energy Field.

The Tesla Metamorphosis modalities of Tesla Healing Metamorphosis and Tesla Soul Communication both can be practiced as distance healing.

“Light is the Sparkle of Life” – Nikola Tesla