It is likely that you are hearing about Tesla Metamorphosis for the first time and are perhaps considering experiencing a session for yourself.

The differences between the modalities are outlined below.

Both utilise the frequencies of the Tesla Waves.

Tesla Healing Metamorphosis

A Tesla Healing Metamorphosis session begins the journey into your own ability to access the infinite supply of energy, light and information offered by accessing the Tesla Waves. Our innate capacity to heal, regenerate and move towards an optimal state of balance (mentally, physically emotionally and spiritually) commences with your first session.

When Tesla Waves are accessed they activate a vibrational shift in our very cells. Our DNA is changing, we are beginning to emit higher levels of energy and light, our lives are becoming more coherent and balanced. Each person’s healing will be unique as each of us has our own perfect state different from anyone else’s.  Tesla Healing Metamorphosis usually comprises three sessions but a client can return for further sessions if required.

A Tesla Healing Metamorphosis session is somewhat “free form”. The practitioner acts as a facilitator or catalyst in a process whereby the client is connecting directly to the Energy Field (God/Love/Source.) I am loath to describe a Tesla practitioner as a “conduit” or suggest that there is a “channelling” process occurring because healing is not about the energy or ego of the practitioner but is more about “creating the space” for healing to occur.

During a session the client will drift into a relaxed state, although they are often unaware of this occurring. After a session, they will notice certain “shifts”, be they physical, mental or emotional. People often announce that they received the missing idea or link to a situation with which they had been struggling. Afterwards, people also report that relationships have become easier or a challenge at work has disappeared.  Each person will receive what is most appropriate for them.    

Tesla Light Body Metamorphosis

Tesla Light Body Metamorphosis is another process I offer. It also utilises the frequencies of the Tesla Waves, so each person receiving this process will be receiving all the benefits involved with the Tesla Healing Metamorphosis sessions, as outlined above. However, Tesla Light Body Metamorphosis involves a specific process and is very precise in its application. It is divided into two sessions on two separate days. The second session must be completed within three days after the first. Tesla Light Body Metamorphosis is always conducted only once in a lifetime.

Tesla Light Body Metamorphosis focuses on reconnecting the energy within our bodies so that our own energy can facilitate a harmonious relationship with the world at large. The Earth has an energy field that is connected to the Universe’s energy field. Tesla Light Body Metamorphosis reconnects a person’s energy field in harmony with the Earth’s energy field and, in turn, the Universe. This connection was lost when human beings overreached their rational, ego driven capacity (which was indeed a necessary stage in the overall development of human consciousness.)

In the process of Tesla Light Body Metamorphosis we are reconnecting to a timeless system of intelligence (energy). We are reconnecting to our “master vibration” – our evolution. 

Tesla Practitioners have undergone intensive training to engage the Tesla Healing frequencies. They have learned to navigate through a very specific energy field known as Tesla Light Body Metamorphosis.  It is often described as “being in the flow”. 

Tesla Light Body Metamorphosis is facilitated once in a lifetime. Once activated, it is an ongoing process that will continue to unfold for each of us in our lives. Tesla Healing Metamorphosis, on the other hand, initiates the client on a journey of healing and is undertaken as often as required.

I have already heard from many people the simple comment, “life is easier”.

For information on booking a session of Tesla Healing Metamorphosis or Tesla Light Body Metamorphosis go to the Sparkle of Life Sessions webpage.